October 2017 Passive Income Report : $476.78


Hey Everyone! I am excited to share my second passive income report with you. These are streams of income I make without “working” a 9-5. This is a great way for me to keep an eye on my progress, and a transparent way for you to follow along as well if you’re thinking about making passive income.

I can’t wait to look back several years from now and see how far I have come. 🙂

On a Personal Level

(Here is the post I did on my upcoming goals)

October was a crazy month for me! I am getting everything together for my trip in March and have been planning my route. You probably don’t know this, but I am going to be buying a small school bus to ride around in with Tuney, my dog. It is going to be such an awesome adventure.

Do any readers have a tiny house? I am interested to hear about your experience? I won’t be in my bus too long, but it would be cool to hear some tiny living stories. Comment below ---any advice?!?

Can’t wait to hear from you!

Last month I was super busy with the blog. I started off red hot with stocks too and then made a small mistake in the middle of the month but I was still consistent with my returns.

Since one of my goals is to buy a single family home with cash I have been working on my stock investing strategy over the past 12 months to learn how to make my money work for me.

The Income Report

Stocks Income


I use stash for my long term investing. However, for short term “cash flow” (month to month) I have been using an app called Robinhood because they have no trading fees. **I don’t recommend trying this until you are debt free, at least everything except the mortgage, because you can literally lose all your money if you don’t know what you are doing.

Using the technical analysis I have been working on over the past 12 months I got 11% return on my money this month.

I am thinking about creating a course on my strategy when I get back from my trip. Do you think I should do it?

Blog Income - YoungAdultSurvivalGuide.com


In the Step-By-Step Guide I created for you to create a blog, I outline the 4 main ways to make money blogging.

Yes, you can make money blogging. It takes time though, I don’t recommend quitting your job immediately and blogging to make money. However, I do know many bloggers who make $1000-$10,000+ each month online, it just takes time.

Also, it’s not all about making money, I genuinely love you all and want to help you reach your goals, which is my main reason for blogging.

The 4 Main ways to make money are:

  1. Google Adsense - $10.93
  2. Course – I am still trying to decide on the course I should create. (Maybe a stock investing course?!?)
  3. Hire Me
    • College Speaking – $50
  4. Affiliate Marketing - $72.53

Cool Stuff for YoungAdultSurvivalGuide

In October I did a personal finance work shop and this is the review I received:

Allyson Bentz, Director of Student Financial Services at Geneva College

Your story inspired our students to pursue their dreams and take action to pay down debt, rather than feeling trapped and defeated by their student loans. Your dedication and commitment rubbed off on all of us, and you connect well with the traditional undergrad students, parents and adult degree completion students alike. One came up to me afterward and said “thanks for hosting this…it helped me feel like Geneva really cares, and it was good to hear from someone young and passionate”.

Next week I will be releasing The Debt Payoff Mini Course which is a free step by step course to pay off your debt…it will be an awesome resource for you all. I already have several raving reviews from people I have shared it with 🙂

Also in October I was LIVE on WUSA9 news doing an interview about paying off student loans, and a local radio station, WGTS, shared my story with their listeners.


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My favorite Instagram post of October was:

Don’t take criticism from people you wouldn’t take advice from.

Thank YOU!

I want to give you a shout out. Thank you for reading the site and sharing it with people you know. Without you there is no YoungAdultSurvivalGuide!

Hit me up if I can help you in anyway.