5 Ways to Save $1000 FAST


The backbone to having a healthy personal finance life is to establish at least a $1000 emergency fund.  The post I wrote several weeks back about The 4 Money Rules to Know Before You Turn 30, outlined the first rule as have emergency savings.

Some readers reached out to me a bit confused about using cash for emergencies instead of credit, so I thought I should do a post about ways you can stash away $1000 quickly.

As I do with all my posts, I reflected on what I did and came up with 5 ways to save money FAST.

1. Spending Freeze

On Instagram there is a whole debt free community and one cool thing I see a lot of is spending freezes. If you know you typically spend $200 a weekend on shopping, going out with friends, eating, drinking, etc. Do a spending detox and see if you can enjoy life without spending money.

This was a weird concept for me when I started this journey. I did this post about 3 Minimalist habits to try, one habit is to find free and fun activities so you can have a life on a spending freeze.

Not saying you have to live your entire life like this, but if you can find free and fun activities you like to do, this is a quick way to save money by not spending. Have you tried a spending freeze before?

2. Get Rid of stuff

One of my favorite ways to get money quickly is selling stuff. First, it declutters your space fast and second you get money for doing it. Facebook yard sale is an easy way to post items and have people pick them up and get money from it.

In the last post I shared, where I took you through my condo, I sold many of the items that were left when I bought the place and I made a couple hundred dollars.

You could always go old school and do a traditional yard sale too.

There are also tons of apps/websites where you can sell clothing or items fast (Poshmark, Ebay, etc.)

3. Side Job

I created this list of side hustles that I would recommend. The easiest is to drive for UBER. I know, not an ideal side job, but if you can pull in an extra $50-100 a week for a month I think the sacrifice is well worth it.

You could also do odd jobs like babysitting or lawn care for a short period of time to bulk up your emergency savings. A great website to post local targeted side jobs is nextdoor.com

4. Gifts

When I graduated college, I used all of my graduation money towards my emergency fund, and it set me up for success. If you still get gifts for holidays or special occasions try to ask for money. DON'T go out and blow gifted money because it is "extra", use this money to get closer to your goal.

Also when you give gifts, try to give the gift of time instead of spending a ton of money. A coupon book is a great idea to give the gift of your time. You can place different free activities you have to do for the person you give it to. Free on-call baby sitter, lawn work, cook dinner, clean their house, etc.

5. Create a budget

If you don’t already, over the next 30 days, live within a budget. Sometimes there are opportunities for saving money that don’t take any additional work from us, just a little organization and sacrifice by implementing a budget.

I don’t know exactly what your situation is, however if you really want to save money quickly, I am sure there are several expenses you could cut back on for a short period of time that would free up some of your income for savings.

A small sacrifice over the next 30 days could set yourself up for a more peaceful life knowing that you have money in the bank in case something happens.


I was in an article last week with a local news station and one of the comments said, “I could never live like this guy because my cell phone and cable alone is $400 a month.” Listen I get it, this is not for everyone, however if you want to save money or pay down debt, you either have to increase the money coming in or decrease the money going out. Your decisions today will impact your reality in the future.

Do you have any other ideas to save money quickly?

Please share your opinion! There are readers from all over the world, and your comment could help someone else reach their goal 🙂