The One Intangible Secret To My Success


Whenever I participate in interviews, I always get the same question, something like, “How did you stick to your debt-free plan for 3 years, we are talking about over 1000 days of straight grinding?”

I started to think to myself, “What in the world did I do”? How was I able to stay so determined and have that much resilience? Aside from the basic answer of set a goal and make a budget to match, there are other factors to my success that involve my brain.

So, I think I have an answer for you…

Have you thought about what life will look like when you are debt free and you are millionaire status? I mean really tried to envision yourself there. BALLING! 🙂

Will you travel the world?

Sit back by the pool and enjoy a good book?

Hike the mountains?

There is no right or wrong answer, however if you have never thought about it, Why Not?

When I think about how I got started on this path, the biggest motivating factor for me, was visualizing myself reaching my goal. One thing I do every morning is say “I see myself being successful, living on my own terms, travelling and having my investments making residual income.” Yes, every morning I tell myself the same thing.

My reasoning…If you aim for nothing you will hit it every time.

Instead...Try This

I want you to think about your perfect life.

What would it look like?

Who would you be with?

Where would you be?

Start thinking about the smell in the air.

See the faces of the people you are around.

If you did this every morning, how awesome would your day be?

I am planning for an epic road trip and every morning I see myself waking up next to Tuney (My Dog), going outside, hopping on a stand up paddle board, and cruising around a lake. Then I think about waking up in a secluded forest by the sound of a waterfall right outside of my tent.

Am I crazy? …It gets me excited!

When I was saving up for my place, I used to imagine those same things. Having a dog, coming out to the kitchen where a fresh pot of coffee was brewed. I would sit down on my couch in my house with no mortgage. I dream't of those days for 2 years…And I kept dreaming until my dreams came true through hard work and perseverance.

How does your dream/goal look?

There is a direct connection between visualizing your goals and achieving them.

One thing that makes me cringe is when I hear people say, “I am an aspiring blogger, or writer, or whatever.” If you are aspiring then you are not it. When I first started the blog, I was a blogger, and my blog was awesome! 🙂 I wasn’t aspiring, no I was it.

Create Your Blog Step-by-Step Guide

When you tell yourself you are aspiring, your brain doesn't believe you are it. Have you said "I am trying to pay off debt" or "I am trying to save money". What does your brain think about that? It's probably like, "Yeah Good Luck".

The Power of Yet!

My girlfriend is a kindergarten teacher and she shared a powerful teaching lesson with me last year. Sometimes I feel like I would fit in at her class lol.

The technique that she shared with me, that I use still to this day, is the power of YET!

Instead of saying I am not debt free. The mere act of adding a yet to the end tricks your brain into knowing you have a goal and a process to get there.

How does this sound? I am not debt free…YET! That sounds like “yeah I am killing this debt and have no doubt that I will be debt free”. Or I am not a millionaire YET! As Lil Wayne says, “I am on the road to riches there is just a little traffic”

Controlling my thoughts and visualizing what my life will look like, once I reach my goal, helps me stick to the plan I have set.

Questions For You

How can you implement these ideas in your life?

Do you have a negative mindset when it comes to reaching your goals?

Can you change the way you talk about your goals and dreams to trick your brain into believing they are possible? YES!