4 Summer Saving Tips


Beautiful people! Summer is upon us…ah…this is your time to shine. Over the past 6 months I have found that the posts you all like the most have to do with Minimalism or Budgeting. So, I decided to put together a unique set of minimalist tips to help us save money and enjoy the sun. First, do not forgo sun screen to save money!!! I tested this theory this past Saturday and I can’t even wear socks because my feet got burnt so bad….

Here are the 4 tips I do recommend:

Number 1 – Soak up the Sun (with sunscreen)

Instead of going to the mall to walk around and “window shop” (if that’s what you want to call it), go to your local park or nature conservatory and walk. This is free and it allows you to get exercise. As an added savings, since you are now exercising in other ways, you can potentially get rid of that gym membership you barely use too. 🙂

If you are going on vacation, you know hotels or Air BnB can get a little expensive. Try camping for a couple of nights, the average campsite fee is $10-15/night.

Last, if you are trying to eat healthy, there is nothing healthier than eating food from your own backyard. You probably learned about Photosynthesis in school….put your schooling to good use and let the summer sun work and make delicious food for you while you enjoy being outside.

Number 2 - Throw Epic House Party (invite me):)

Yes you read that right, a minimalist trick is to Party…cheers! Suns out guns out right? Here me out on this, if you are like my friends, going out to eat or to a bar can get expensive fast…(Luckily chips and salsa are free)

Here is what you do: Find a recipe you like, invite all of your friends over, and have each person bring an item or two. You provide the space and utensils, and they bring the ingredients for the meal, drinks, and dessert.  The result: Have a blast making memories cooking an amazing dinner with friends. Talk about a Win/Win! You save money by not going out and you have an awesome party with all your friends.

Number 3 – Think Ahead

Every year we get caught paying an arm and a leg for a new winter coat because we procrastinated on buying it until there was 2 feet of snow on the ground. Now is the time to get all of your winter essentials at a bargain because the prices are lower.

I have found that in the off seasons you can get some awesome deals on expensive essential items. Typically I buy new boots in the summer because you can always get a good deal on them. Also, if you are a home owner, it is a great time to get your heat checked or your chimney cleaned.

Number 4 – Get Summer Money

Do you like playing sports? Do you want to exercise more? Maybe you like kids? You can get paid to do all of these things.

You could referee your favorite summer sport, or even coach a local team. If you want to motivate yourself to exercise, host an exercise class on a website like meetup.com. You could charge a small fee so people are held accountable, or even do a biggest loser money pot.

If you are a teacher, there is a huge opportunity for continued summer learning and next year prep that parents would love to pay your for. And last, we all know people love to eat out in the summer, look at waiting tables or bartending if you want to meet people and get paid.

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Now that the wheels are turning, you know there are some really unique ways to save money and make money all by doing things you love in the sun.  Question…

Do you have a trick I did not mention?

What are you doing this summer to save?