3 Questions To Ask Before Starting Your Day

A big part of getting out of debt or getting ahead financially is overcoming the mental warfare that goes on between your ears. Whether we are facing a huge pile of debt or trying to escape the day to day monotony of the rat race.

I have programmed these 3 questions into my brain to make sure I keep my “goal conquering game plan” as the focal point of my day. It takes 21 days to form a habit, I would recommend writing these 3 questions down until it becomes second nature.

I have even gone as far as putting these questions as the background on my phone to remind me. I have also set an alarm for 6:45am every day to remind myself to ask them. If you can do it for 21 days it will stick and become a normal part of your routine. I am living breathing proof that these questions work!

3 Questions:

1) Why am I going to work today?

Let’s just get straight to the point with ourselves. I literally ask myself everyday why am I going to work today? When I ask myself this question I usually have several responses. I am going to work because it is a paid course on __________. Or I am going to work to make money to buy a house and to start a family. When I was in debt, my purpose was to make $83 for the day to reach my goal of 30k in 12 months.

We all know the daunting Monday morning stroll into our office. When you have a reason for why you are making yourself go to work it helps you come to terms with your decision and change your outlook. As funny as it sounds it really works, you have to try it and let me know!

2) How will today go?

Either you run your day or your day runs you! If you allow your day or your peers to orchestrate your attitude you are under the control of others. My response to this question is, “Today is the best day. I am healthy and I am positive in everything I do.”

Then I list off 3 things I am grateful for like my dog, my girlfriend, and being debt free.

What if you started your day like this? Before all the crazy rush hour drivers cut you off and traffic made you late, take control of your day and make it great.

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3) What am I doing to get closer to my dreams?

So now you have come to grips with going to work and you have also decided it is going to be the best day ever. (que the Sponge Bob song lol) Now get real with yourself.

You can’t live the dream if you don’t have a dream.

What is your dream and what are you going to do to get you closer to that today? My response to this question is different almost every time.

It might be to listen to a new podcast or read a book, or create a new blog post or new resource for the blog. This question helps you think on a large scale about what you want your life to look like and where you are going.

I am interested to hear what your morning routine looks like.

Do you have any questions you ask yourself?
Do you have a unique way you get pumped up for the day?